12/08/2016 / by Michael Garza

Every once in a while my friend Manny and I challenge each other to finish a poem that exact day. Here is 12/08/16's session, and here's to many more dates as titles for poems because the calendar just doesn't get enough play.


my girl only likes life when the walkings imported
she protects herself from threats both boring and domestic
except that high grade boredom, synthetic ease
to defy all the friends who leave
if only I could see them as patchwork family
mother and father as templates of peace
covalent bond my girl grew up inside
I think she knows better how to deal with being part of life
but then I remember I fell for her because she runs the way I do
lets go, my girl, swim the Arno in Summer
off banks and cliff with our naked winded
everything that fights dream is offensive
to the ones who can still pull a decent nights sleep
my girl we only got a couple thousand weeks
to not get our spirits stuck in the tape deck
April of '78 when Roxanne first bass stepped
when you and I weren't aged yet, not even zeroes
the whole world and us ahead of us
and now that we've had it I don't want it, this world
now we kick off shore into the slats in time
like front door bed spread family size wings
a cumulonimbus towards a more barren free