The Combination of a Werner Herzog Documentary and Mickey D's Breakfast with an Artist Makes me Find New Line of Work / by Michael Garza

When Herzog speaks to the physicist who built the balloon meant to travel so high into the atmosphere it might be able to document neutrinos - some of the smallest forms of matter, particles key to the beginning of the universe -

Gabe wide-eyed in the Mickey D's explains how Mister Rogers had multiple people come up to him and thank him for things in his shows he never said - to that space between the TV and the viewer that Rogers describes as where the Holy Spirit dwells, where people are given what they need -

At the Earthless Earthtone Headquarters where I arrive everyday 7 to 10 minutes late, by the water cooler I talk with Thatcher about how many books I read at the same time and he wonders how I keep up - I wonder how he watches at least 10 shows at once - we both carry our casks of water back to our desks satisfied with so little conversation -

There is something that makes me feel guilty for not wanting to labor like my father at a  forklift, or my brother in a cold storage facility, but somehow here in words for something beyond them - to carve every word down into window sill and peer through them into the real, the ether, the whathaveyou -

When they showed 2001 at The Music Box a couple weeks back they must've spent their whole monthly budget on the screening with nothing left for a/c - 1 Liter of Dasani and after the intermission a small cup of ice water carried me into the subatomic technicolor, the sinew of myth, and I think about that scene weekly now but almost always him in his room after the colors -

Didn't know until just the other day that Polonius was actually the one who said "to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man." I always thought Hamlet, in the truest version of himself, sought his revenge - but I was wrong - he was only being true to the ghost.



Source: orphanofdenmark