Precoscient Truths / by Michael Garza

I am here to tell you that yes in fact inspiration does have a shelf life and it's best by not sell by.

There's this comic idea called "Mercs vs Jerks" that would pit the love of luxury vs. the love of hate together in some 6-8 part anti-epic, "deprepic", where lawlessness can be experimented from within characters who aren't moonlighting inside their darker natures, like my beloved Batman.

If you steal an idea it gets older, it's how they grow up, and you find somewhere in their bark the initials of previous owners.

When an idea is not aware of why it was stolen or exactly where it came from it does seem to develop social anxiety and is overall less satisfied with it's own life, like children. (Cite your sources, capn.)

I learned this from Emerson. I think he'd be proud of me.

The Internet, in all of it's wealth of information, often makes me feel like it's trying to stunt on my imagination. Constantly reminding myself it's nowhere near the breadth of anyone's imagination.

I am into the ancient forms of self-centeredness : putting your words on every surface that can withstand your medium. Graffiti is the age old impulse to write where people don't think writing belongs so that you discover it belongs right there.

Then there are times you have to write without theme to show theme you won't be mastered by even it.

Buy all of your Bulls gear this '16-'17 season while you can get it for dirt.

Many of the people who don't allow others to change their minds are the people I have my mind fully made up about. The more I love you the more incorrect or confusing I'm ok with you being.

Like a Barcelonian Bovine, get out there and be all of you all at once