Dichotomies and the Freedom From / by Michael Garza

I can't even count how many DEATH tattoos that read LIFE upside down I have seen.

The maximum amount of life/death one can take in on a forearm I'm sure, but the metaphor is one that's stuck with ever since, and not because I find it interesting. Exactly the opposite actually - I find it so obvious I can't tell why it deserves a place on anyone's forearm, back north of elbow area, or at all for that matter.

It's like putting EAT that reads POOP when held upside down.

There is a nearly embarrassing sweetness in so many obvious things I sometimes I have no interest in the acrobatics of "originality" or anything some poets can say, or how they say it, since I'd never hear it from any friends I knew from Cicero. Maybe it's that Sandburg Plain Speech flaring in my bloodstream, but I'm more inclined to admit lately how much I truly love the frailty that ferments into strength in Batman or the curvature in the font on this coffee mug

Loving the simplicity of something, or someone, is a thing I'm really close to graduating to. The face my wife makes when she walks into a room of people she knows. Whoever designed the small push back on entry level keyboards. The absolute purity of drive in a fathers eye's the days he clearly could give a shit about how he's dressed.

There is a high high praise I can sometimes get to when I arrive at that sliver of landing and can admire plainly, no allegory, with a freedom from association. Before all the metaphor and recollection come to douse the object with my ownership. Now quick, shut up Michael before you try and add more insight, contrastings, configurations. One side of the coin will completely do today.